Solo RPG Resources

This list was compiled as a support for this video.

The Mythic Game Master Emulator Product Line

  1. The Game Master Emulator Original Book. Start here if you don’t know anything about solo gaming.
  2. Mythic Variations I.
  3. Mythic Variations II.
  4. The Location Crafter.
  5. The Creature Crafter.
  6. The Adventure Crafter.
  7. The Mythic Game Master Emulator Deck.

Rulesets of games made to play solo

  1. Scarlet Heroes (and check out the other games by Sine Nomine).
  2. Ironsworn
  3. One Man Army

Conjecture Games

  1. Conjecture Games website
  2. ISC, Zach passed away before finishing this document.

Story Drivers

  1. The Adventure Crafter
  2. The 9Q method
  3. Perilous Intersections

Random Tables and Generators

  1. Mad Monks of Kwantoom
  2. Ruins of the Undercity
  3. d30 Sandbox Companion
  4. Instant Game
  5. Ultimate Toolbox
  6. Game Master’s Apprentice
  7. Donjon
  8. Chaotic Shiny
  9. Fantasy Names Generators
  10. Snej Oracles


  1. Adventuresmith (Android)
  2. Custom Image Dice (Android)
  3. Cardwarden (iOS)
  4. Assistant for Mythic (Android)
  5. Rory Story Cubes (iOS)(Android)
  6. ZeroDM (Visual Studio Extension)
  7. Tabletop Audio (Website)

Mapping and Graphics

  1. Wonderdraft
  2. Watabou’s Medieval City Generator
  3. Azgaar Fantasy Map Generator
  4. Heraldry Generator
  5. Dungeon Fog Map Creator
  6. Foundry VTT
  7. Watabou’s One Page Dungeon Map Generator